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Dec 13,  · Question: Q: iPad 2 iOS - Pages running very slow. Hello. After Apple released the iOS Beta I was forced to update it from iOS I tried avoiding it but everytime I turned on the device it would prompt me to update which became very annoying. Now ever since I updated to iOS , my Pages app runs extremely slow. Jan 23,  · This document describes the security content of iOS For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available. Available for: iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad 2 and later. Oct 07,  · How To Jailbreak iOS , , Cydia Install For iPad Air And Mini. Early on this month, Got to Be Mobile reported that Apple would unveil a number of latest products at the lately concluded WWDC (World Wide developers Conference), including the iOS modernize for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch. The iOS is an iOS modernize that.

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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. After Apple released the iOS 9. I tried avoiding it but everytime I turned on the device it would prompt me to update which became very annoying. Now ever since I updated to iOS 9. So slow that I cannot even type 1 word correctly.

It just comes up a jumbled mess and freezes for several seconds after each letter I type. I've already cleared as much memory as possible. I've cleared and deleted Safari Cache and history. Everything else works fine except Pages. When I type into Notes for example it types just fine. Is there anything I can do to speed up Pages so it works correctly?

Or even how to revert back to iOS 9? Any help would be appreciated. Posted on Sep 15, AM. I Never used bats version, but the iOS 9 update has totally screwed up my iPad 2, it constantly freezes up, the keyboards is so slow and everything takes forever to load. Plus the email issues! Doesn't Apple test these updates before they stick us with them? My suggestion is for Everyone to dump your apple crap and change to Android! Oct 11, AM. Go into any Apple store and try out the Pages app on their display model iPads.

See how smoothly it flows. That's because they are running the 2. Download or update the Pages app on your iPad ipad 2 ios 9.1 home whatever model you have and you get Pages version 2. If you type in a word, the lag is so bad that it can take a couple of seconds for the word to actually appear on the screen, ipad 2 ios 9.1. Try to delete a word and you will end up deleting a sentence because the lag makes you think that you haven't pressed the delete button properly and so you press it again several times.

I am a writer, ipad 2 ios 9.1 I need the correct tools for the job. Up until this latest update from the mighty ApplePages was more than adequate for my needs This latest version of Pages I reiterate, version 2. Dear Apple. Please ipad 2 ios 9.1 restore my faith and my sanity by addressing the frustrating lag in the new version 2. And please, try to ipad 2 ios 9.1 it soon as my worn patience is leading to severe depression Nov 1, AM.

Page content loaded, ipad 2 ios 9.1. As a beta tester you signed an NDA and are now violating that agreement, ipad 2 ios 9.1. Ipad 2 ios 9.1 your bugs using Feedback Assistant and peruse the appropriate discussion forums there are developer and seed forums available to you for answers to your issues.

Sep 17, PM. Oct 26, AM. I bought a new iPad air 2 based on the fact that the Apple Store consultant assured me that there was nothing wrong with the new updated Pages app version 2. A lot of cash later, I discovered that the consultant's comment was as misinformed and as stupid as Apples' when they announced that the latest version of Pages is awesome!

It is incredibly glitchy and like others on here I find that the LAG when typing is not only infuriating but as a writer costing me many hours of productivity as it has basically become unusable Oct 29, AM. I am also a writer and write using my iPad every day. Very very distressing when things don't work as they ipad 2 ios 9.1. I have no money for a new device and felt let down.

The irony that to find a solution is followed the addage that 'Google is your friend' should not be lost on Apple. This is their forum and I hope that they take all of our comments into consideration whenever the produce updates to current software.

We are, after all, the life blood of their runaway success, a fact that should always be their most salient point to consider! Found this link and followed advice and it has improved the running of my iPad dramatically. I would say that it is now running as good as it was before the update.

I'm now running ios9. Nov 8, AM. I have an iPad Air with iOS 9. I noticed that some things are too slow, like the font selection: when you touch the font icon you have to wait more than two seconds until the font list displays.

In addition, there are some features that are included in the iCloud version but not in the iOS version. Nov 10, AM. I have the same problem here on ipad 2 ios 9.1 iPad 2 when updated to iOS 9.

I went to what so called the genius bar to downgrade and reinstall the an old operating ipad 2 ios 9.1, they told me we can not help unfortunately, you agreed to the terms and conditions of the update which may include slowing your device!!?? Their answer is to protect you from viruses I think the only reason is to force you to dump your old one and buy a new one to expand the multi billion apple empire. The same thing happened with my iPhone before, I didn't pay attention to it at that time, I just bought a new one and moved on.

You know what Nov 18, AM. I hope this doesn't go on forever, ipad 2 ios 9.1. Nov 20, AM. Funny enough I was trying to convince a friend saying iPad is all you need, no crash, no hang, The reason I update the OS was because my Notes stopped syncing with my Mac and iPhone, ipad 2 ios 9.1, and I thought I upgrade it so the notes get sync; not knowing by being unintentionally force to do sosince Notepad is not backward compatible, I made my iPad2 useless; not being sarcastic, but I think other options for Tablet are now more attractive, knowing anything I buy now, at some point will be useless, and perhaps I will lose Notes again in new versions, if I do not upgrade, hence buy a new hardware.

Nov 26, ipad 2 ios 9.1, AM. This is most likely due to older hardware than due to iOS problems. I own an iPhone 4 on iOS 7. And if you think this is a problem, try buying a tab that can never be updated as apps get updated. Obsolescence occurs much, much faster there. Upgrading is inevitable as long as you're using tech. You'll have to ditch iPad 2 now, it's outlived its capacity to effectively handle iOS.

But this is personal choice, unless as i mentioned Apple includes Apps compatibility after the upgrade, where then I know the risk of upgrading. My iPad 2 is with iOS 9. So I googled for tips on performance improvement. Following the instructions, I toggled a few switches in general setting for transparency setting, motion effect, background app refreshment, and Spotlight searching.

It is getting way better now, not great, but way better. Anyways, hopefully the tips work on your 9. Dec 1, PM. I have ipad 2 ios 9.1 having the same problem with the pages app on my iPad 2.

Apparently this is something that most of us are running into room with the rapid Upgrades to OSX9 that are being released. It has obviously not eliminated the problem of the delays, hesitation and crashing and it has slightly reduced overall appearance, but it has made the problem less aggravating. I am also a writer and have always liked Pages, but the delays and hesitation have made it almost impossible to rely upon. Dec 13, PM, ipad 2 ios 9.1.

I had the same issue, ipad 2 ios 9.1, but somehow it became less and less of a problem. Not sure why. The diffence is i am using less photos, less google drive to either upload or view photos from google drive.

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Jul 22,  · iOS fixes bugs and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad. This update: Fixes an issue where some Bluetooth accessories could experience audio quality issues when paired to the iPhone SE; Fixes an issue where looking up dictionary definitions could fail. iPad 2 (WiFi) iOS (13B) 21st October GB: iPad2, Follow @iOSReleases Telegram Bot r/jailbreak. All information on these pages is auto updated at least every minute. When you click on any Apple Software link on the site, you are redirected to an Apple server. Final version of iOS IPSW download links are out. Apple has just started rolling out iOS for supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with new emojis and improved Live Photos feature, among other things.