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memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take

Memory: Card slot: microSD, up to 32 GB (dedicated slot) Internal: MB RAM, MB ROM. Product Listings - Sim Cards. The right size of SIM card to fit in your handset will depend on the manufacturer and the model of your smartphone. Wireless Traveler Super Saver SIM cards are perforated so you get all 3 SIM card sizes in one SIM card to fit every model phone. From left to right: Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM. Picture adapted from Wikipedia (CC-licensed). You can try to take out your memory card and then see if it works if you inserted it in a card reader. If the card reader still can detect it then it is still functional. Try to backup all the files saved on the memory card on your computer and then reformat the memory card. Put it back on your blackberry and see if the phone can detect it.

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The majority of modern smartphones have media players and image viewers so you can listen to your favorite tunes, watch video clips and scroll through digital picture albums. But media files, particularly video, tend to be rather large, memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take, and there's only so much your BlackBerry's internal memory can hold--after all, your device is already storing and running the handheld operating system OS and all its various components.

To the rescue: microSD flash memory cards. Our previous BlackBerry How To articles have offered you various BlackBerry software downloads -- freeopen source and otherwise --plus keyboard shortcutstips and tricksbattery-life advice and suggestions on how to free valuable internal smartphone memory.

This time around, we'll show you how to increase your available memory for storing media by using a microSD card. Memory cards like microSD and miniSD are commonly used in personal electronics such as digital cameras, game consoles and GPS units, and they can be purchased in retail shops like Best Buy and Circuit City or online for significantly less from sites like NewEgg.

The full lineup of RIM'sand series of devices feature microSD card slots, as does the upcoming BlackBerry Bold --and according to rumorsso will the company's touch screen-based device, the "Thunder "--but memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take cards are sold separately.

In fact, the BlackBerry is the only 8xxx series device that doesn't have expandable memory functionality. The largest size memory card your BlackBerry device will support depends on the version of handheld OS memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take you're running.

For instance, BlackBerry handheld OS v4. Get better use out of your Blackberry and keep up-to-date on latest developments, memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take. Most 8xxx series BlackBerry smartphones require you to remove the rear battery cover to access the microSD card slot, except for the Pearland devices, which have external slots on their left sides. RIM's Curve 83xx smartphones have microSD slots beneath their batteries, so it's necessary to power down your device every time you want to insert, remove or exchange cards.

The 88xx devices have expandable memory slots inside their rear-side covers, but you don't need to remove the battery to access them. Users of Pearl or Bold devices with external microSD slots need only pry open the plastic flap on their left sides and make sure both the tiny sections of metal memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take the underside of the memory card and the device itself are face up. The narrow end of the card should be closest to the BlackBerry. Then carefully slide the card in until it clicks.

Don't force it, but you may need to push it in firmly. When the memory card is in place, a dialogue box will appear on screen that reads "Media Card Inserted. To insert a microSD card into a BlackBerry Curve or 88xx series device, you must first remove the rear battery door. These devices employ tiny metal hinges to secure microSD cards. Engraved on those hinges are the words "Lock" and "Unlock" next to corresponding arrows.

Slide the hinge in the Unlock direction and open it so it stands at a 90 degree angle to the device. When opened, the hinge features small flaps to hold the microSD card in place.

Hold the memory card upright so its metal sections are on its bottom half and facing you. The metal sections should mesh with the metal prongs on the device, inside the hinge.

Next drop the hinge back down and slide it in the Lock direction until it's securely in place. If you're using an 88xx smartphone, memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take, you'll see a "Media Card Inserted" message.

You'll need to replace the battery and restart if you're using a Curve. Some new memory cards can be used right out of the box, but it's always a good idea to format a microSD card before loading it up with personal files. The formatting process is short and sweet, and we strongly advise walking through the following steps to avoid future issues. You may also memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take to reformat your memory card in the future if it stops functioning properly, and this process can be used for reformatting as well, memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take.

First, click the Options icon on your BlackBerry icon screen--the icon looks like a wrench in most default BlackBerry themes. Inside Optionsscroll to Media Card and click the trackball. Next, while on the Media Card screen hit your BlackBerry Menu key--to the left of the trackball--choose Format and select "Yes" when the prompt asks if you're sure you want to format the card. After about 10 seconds, you'll see another prompt that tells you your card has been reformatted.

To check the amount of available memory at any point, simply return to the Media Card screen and compare the Total Space value to Free Space. Encrypting files on your media card can help protect memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take personal data you store on your device.

BlackBerry smartphones let you encrypt the files on your microSD card using a media card-specific encryption key, your existing handheld password or both.

You can also decide whether or not to include certain types of media files in the encryption. To do so, you need to return to your Media Card options screen by clicking the Options icon on your BlackBerry icon screen and then choosing Media Card from the list.

Next, set the Media Card Support field to "On. If you want to use your handheld's password to encrypt the files, set Encryption Mode to Security Password. Finally, set the Encrypt Media Files field to "Yes," and then save your changes when you exit. However, the proper settings are required in order to store files on your card. First, you should return to your Media Card screen by clicking the Options icon on your icon screen and selecting Media Card.

One of the simplest way to add media files to your microSD memory card is via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software that ships with new BlackBerry devices.

You can also obtain the most recent version of the desktop manager from your wireless carrier or from RIM's website. Refer to your device user guide for further information on how to use RIM's desktop manager software.

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memory card does blackberry curve 9300 take


Apr 26,  · BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS version and earlier (e.g. Bold, Curve, Torch, etc.) Mini SIM: If you have the wrong SIM card for your device, please contact your service provider for assistance. Avoid using SIM card adapters or cutting your SIM. Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast! Feb 12,  · What kind of memory card do i need for my blackberry curve? I went to buy a memory card for my blackberry curve and I didn't know the difference between an SD card and an SDHC. Is there a difference? Follow. 4 answers 4. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?Status: Resolved.