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Windows Mobile sync software. Sync contacts, calendar, tasks and notes between your PC and your Nokia Windows Mobile Phone. Windows Mobile Sunset Notice. We no longer support sync with Windows Mobile. Use CompanionLink for Outlook to sync to Windows Phone, Android or iPhone. Feb 24,  · The Windows Mobile Developer Tool Kit adds documentation, sample code, header and library files, emulator images and tools to Visual Studio that let you build applications for Windows Mobile 6. Synchronization Software for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. XTNDConnect PC is a software application that allows you to easily synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks, email and notes between your mobile devices and popular PC applications.

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PocketMirror is built around the way you have organized your important information in Outlook on your desktop. Items in multiple folders on the desktop get transferred to the handheld in tact and into folder-like categories, not just dispersed among the items' assigned categories, windows mobile 6 sync software.

XTNDConnect PC is a software application that allows you to easily synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks, email and notes between your mobile devices and popular PC applications. This update addresses setup issues and contains better integration with MS OfficeExchange and more.

Not for Windows Vista. Released February CwSync is an award-winning ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center add-on that allows you to synchronize files and folders from anywhere in your computer or local network to anywhere on your mobile device, including storage cards. With CwSync you can launch applications in your mobile device remotely from your computer, transfer information directly from the internet to your device while ActiveSync is synchronizing and even keep your collection of favorite Podcasts always up-to-date.

Easy Sync provides you with a tool that automatically synchronizes, copies, moves and backups any number of any files and folders located anywhere between your mobile device and your computer.

Easy Sync is a desktop application that runs on your PC that works with your ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center connection and extends its functionality of file synchronization. Easy-to-use interface with customization options makes Easy Sync available for novice windows mobile 6 sync software. Synchronizing between multiple handhelds and cell phones can be very complicated. PDAsync provides a simple, one-click synchronization of your contacts, calendar, tasks, emails, and notes between your mobile devices and popular applications on your computer.

You can also transfer data from one PC application to another and keep two applications in sync. PDAsync 4 gives one-click access to customizable settings and options. Are you are sick and tired of copying files back and forth to your Pocket PC's My Documents subdirectory, or to your storage card? If the answer is "yes", then MightySync is for you!

If you're a Facebook user, OutSync allows you to quickly sync your Facebook contacts' photos with Outlook, and by proxy, with Windows Mobile, without having to manually add the photos. This is a great tool for copy-and-paste phobics.

Windows Mobile users can have the best of both worlds. TunesSync is the first ever tool to copy and covert music from Apple's iTunes to Windows Mobile devices of all kinds. PortaMail will synchronize with any 32Bit version of GroupWise 5. The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile includes support for Mac OS X Tiger's Sync Services, Entourage synchronization and an all-new architecture that allows third-party developers to create plugins that add new windows mobile 6 sync software. The software titles listed above are compatible with touchscreen Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones, and will not run windows mobile 6 sync software non-touchscreen Windows Mobile devices, windows mobile 6 sync software.

Looking for software, but can't find what you need? E-Mail Us. The software titles listed below are for Windows Mobile devices with touchscreens. PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile. SyncExpress 4. ActiveSync 4. Easy Sync. Mobile Sync. PortaMail for Pocket PC The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile.


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windows mobile 6 sync software


Aug 22,  · Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista The Windows Mobile Device Center enables you to set up new partnerships, synchronize content and manage music, pictures and video with Windows Mobile powered devices (Windows Mobile or later). Sep 03,  · Is or will Windows Mobile Device Center be compatible with Windows 10? There are some legacy devices that require sync with WMDC and then there are security personnel that do not allow devices to connect to their Wi-Fi but rather connect them via USB using WMDC. I was able to get WMDC to work successfully on Windows 8 and Apr 17,  · Download and install Windows Mobile Device Center if you run Windows Vista on your computer and you want to sync content between your mobile phone and your computer. Windows Mobile Device Center is compatible only with Windows Vista.